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Now You Got Your Beautiful  Remy Hair Who’s Gonna put it in?
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How it works
We have joined forces with some of the top salons in your area more being added everyday. To provide a high quality service to our members who have purchased hair extensions form myhairparty.com (If you are not a member just fill in the form on the right of this page).

All myhairparty.com approved Salons have agreed  to Provide our members with:

* A Minimum 25% off Your New Hair Extension Hair Style, Touch up’s and After Care.

* Offer you with special give away's they may be promoting for example:
Sample Shampoo’s, Conditioners or Products.

* Free Complimentary Tea, Coffle, or Juice. Or Even a Glass of Champagne or Wine for clients over 21.

*Offer Exclusive deals to myhairparty.com members. Better then their advertised deals or specials to the general public, who have purchase myhairparty.com hair extensions.

As long as one of our members brings to an approved salon of myhairparty.com hair extension pieces with a matching delivery notice of their hair extension order. Or if they have ordered myhairparty.com hair extensions through the approved salon.

Now  that's a great deal!!
Just part of myhairparty.com commitment to giving you a great unmatched service
click the link below  to view our approved salons who cannot wait to provide you with an outstanding service.